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Client FAQs

What Electronic Health Record (EHR) software is utilized by the agency?

Answer: Family Service uses Tebra to handle patient billing, scheduling and client record management. To access your Patient Portal, follow the steps below.  For guidance on how to use the patient portal, click this button. 


Tebra Patient Portal

Have an account? Sign in to manage your Patient Portal. 

New to Tebra? Look for an email invitation to activate your account or reach out to our Client Tebra Mentor.

Client Tebra Mentor
If you have question related to Tebra, reach out to our Client Tebra Mentor, Jess, by phone, 262-547-5567.

What Insurances are accepted?

Answer Coming Soon!

How are our appointments being conducted?

Answer: Appointments can be conducted through in -person or virtual sessions. Virtual session are conducted through Microsoft Teams.

Need Assistance with your virtual session? 

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