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Organizational Leadership

Our Leadership Team

Executive Director
Krystal Wynter

Director of Agency Development
Laura Cherone


Director of  Clinical Services

Melissa Carini

Director of The C.A.R.E. Center
Faith Holley-Beal


We assure confidentiality every step of the way.

Friends of

Family Service


Stacie Andritsch

Chris Berens

Matt Boray

Todd Hoytink

Libby Lailer

Lisa O'Donnell

Joe Pieper

Ana Simpson

Jennifer Thompson Davies

Board of Directors


Paul Spencer

Vice President

Jacqueline Ruppel


Jeffry Anderson


David A. Laufenberg


Jennifer Anderson-Pells

Mike Contreras

Jessica Daun

Andrew Farris

Michael Gutzeit, MD

Jon C. Hauser

Erin McCarthy

John Reichert

Angie Stemo

Scott Vifquain

Scott Wille









Learn more about Family Service and our counseling, education, and advocacy services.

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